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Welcome to Stressor Manor

Introducing: Stressor Manor! 
Renowned psychotherapist, Dr. Strong, has met an unfortunate demise! You're invited to attend his celebration of life inside of his home, known as Stressor Manor. Dr. Strong was known for treating the most deranged individuals in the world; those deemed too far gone and beyond help! Dr. Strong even built an asylum inside of his mansion to attempt to treat those with no other place to go. However, since his passing, it has been difficult to determine where the manor ends and the asylum begins! Join us, every Friday and Saturday, beginning October 6th, from 7 pm to 10:30 pm, to join in the celebration of life for Dr. Strong. As you travel through the manor, you'll see that it is dificult to determine just who is family, and who is a patient! Are you brave enough to enter Stressor Manor?

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More About The Haunt

We are sure to be unlike any other haunts held inside of the Tannery in the past! Tickets are $32 per ticket. 


Stressor Manor is a brand new, stand alone haunt, located inside the historic Berlin Tannery. The haunt is two stories, spanning over 13,000 square feet. Pure terror awaits you!  Unlike the haunts of the past held at the Tannery, we are the only haunt occupying the building!

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